First let’s talk about the elephant in the room,

What is Raw Honey?

The word ‘RAW’ suggests that the honey did not go through any procedures. There is no Pasteurisation or heating involved nor is it treated in a filtration plant. The honey is as it is extracted from the beehives that is honeycomb, hence getting the name Raw Honey.

Most people have easy access to Honey, but there is no guarantee of it being Raw Organic Honey. The most valuable source of it is to find a local beekeeper who can provide you with freshly harvested Raw honey that has not been under any process. That being said, Asal Aser harvests locally sourced pure organic raw honey from Pakistan. As we are accredited by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), our honey goes through strict test procedures to ensure that the bare maximum is matched to Pakistan Standards for Raw Honey (shehad).

Pro tip: put the honey in the fridge (below 10oC), if it takes a form of crystalized substance and looks more like a cream spread, then It is suggested to be Raw.

Raw Honey is said to have a huge array of medicinal benefits; it’s even been recorded to have been used to treat wounds. Here below are a few of the listed benefits and reasons why one should consume Raw Honey on a regular basis.

Benefit 1: Raw Honey has an abundance of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that protect the layers of your cell wall from damage and they even repair the damage, if any, done to the cell wall.

Benefit 2: It aids with weight loss

As a natural sweetener, honey tends to be the perfect replacement for sugar in your diet. As honey is enriched with nutrients and enzymes, it acts as a fuel to make your brain release fat burning hormones, which ultimately reduce your appetite. This aids in controlling your overall intake of calories and eventual weight loss.

Benefit 3: Contains Anti Ageing factors

As honey helps your body get rid of excess water, it in return makes your skin feel fresh and taut. Honey is also known to have antiaging and healing properties if used externally.

Benefit 4: It helps controls blood pressure & lowers risk of Heart related diseases

Honey is enriched with a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. It maintains the water levels of your body and preserves cells from premature depletion. This helps maintain fat levels of your blood thus eventually resulting in a healthy heart. Great for cardio-protective effects. [1]

Benefit 5: Boosts your Immunity

It has high Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral properties. Honey is also rich with huge amounts of Vitamin C which is known to boost immunity and is abundantly present in citric fruits.

Benefit 6: Is a natural remedy for Diabetes

Honey is a great replacement for Sugar. It is sweet but has less glucose levels and contains more Fructose levels. Fructose is a healthier variant of sugar as it doesn’t affect the blood sugar level of the body compared to glucose.

Benefit 7: Helps soothe sore throat

Honey creates a layer around the throat and oesophagus, thus giving a soothing effect to an itchy or sore throat.

energy source

Benefit 8: Great energy source

Honey consists of fructose and glucose that do not need to be broken down further to be absorbed by our body. It is easily absorbed in the body, giving an instant source of sugar in the body and normalising fatigue and tiredness.

NOTE: Honey is NOT to be consumed by infants under 12 months.

All in all, organically sourced raw honey is very beneficial for you and your body. The question is not, Should I start consuming Raw honey? But, where can I get one now?

That is a great question!

Find a local beekeeper that can provide you with Raw honey or try the nearest supermarket. If none of the options mentioned above work you always have Asal Aser to deliver you, your organically sourced Raw honey at your doorstep. Contact us for more details on Raw Honey or sign up for our newsletter and offers (No, we do not spam). 

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